What Are the Worst Music Videos on YouTube?

What are the worst music videos on YouTube? That’s a question we all have to ask ourselves, but one that often gets overlooked is the fact that anyone can make a bad music video. They can be poorly shot, forgettable, or just plain awful, but they’re also sometimes great. Here are some examples of bad music videos from YouTube. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find one that makes you laugh!

The band Immortal should never have been allowed to make this video. This band pitches their video for both the funny and the evil. Their video is set in a forest, the lead singer is wearing a pointy witch hat, and the whole thing looks like it was done with hallucinogenics. It should have been banned. In the 90s, black metal music videos were cringe-worthy.

The first video I found was a cover of the classic “River Song” by the band The National. It features a pre-teen girl with awful dance moves and a song titled “Rain”. Then I found the video by TheNickFever, which is one minute and fifty-two seconds long. I was shocked to see such an awful video. It was made solely to take the title of “Worst Music Video Ever” and is not even close.

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There are some pretty awful songs on YouTube. These are not necessarily rap songs, but songs that feature overly dramatic auto deaths and over-the-top anthropomorphic characters. Songs that deal with lost love are particularly popular on YouTube, and this one has many of these traits. This list would probably be very long. In the meantime, I’ll point you toward the best videos on YouTube. They’re not the most entertaining, but they’re certainly worth a look.

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