What is the Difference Between SNAP Cash and EBT Food?

SNAP benefits do not incur transaction fees and cash benefits never do. However, if you’re going to withdraw cash from an ATM, you’ll likely be asked to enter a secret PIN. This fee is called a “surcharge” and is charged by the ATM owner. You may opt to pay this fee or go to another POS location if you’d rather avoid the surcharge.

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SNAP benefits cover household items only. You will not receive benefits to purchase alcohol, tobacco, vitamins, and health supplements. Other items not covered by SNAP are pet food, cleaning supplies, and hygiene items. This is a common confusion for people who have never used one of these programs. SNAP and EBT cards are not the same thing. Here’s how they’re different.

With an EBT card, participants can use their benefits to buy groceries. The card also allows them to get cash-back at participating retailers, or withdraw cash at participating ATMs. State agencies work with contractors to purchase EBT systems, which are used by all SNAP programs in the U.S.. In general, the difference between EBT food and cash is primarily in the form of distribution.

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Once an application is processed, a New Mexico Electronic Benefits Transfer card is issued to the recipient. EBT cards are like debit cards in banks, and can be used to withdraw benefits at participating grocers. Once approved, recipients can also choose to receive their benefits via a direct deposit or EBT card. The difference between the two types of benefits depends on your situation. If you’re receiving benefits for food, you’ll get them on the first day of each month.

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