What Does a Garden Designer Do?

A Garden Designer is someone who designs landscapes for individuals and businesses. These professionals also offer maintenance services. They use geospatial technology to analyze areas and develop landscaping plans. As a professional, a Garden Designer is responsible for establishing the layout and style of the garden. A typical day for a Garden Design student includes meetings with clients, analyzing the site’s climate, soil, sun exposure, and other elements, and creating a plan for the new garden.

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A Garden Designer works on a design-only basis. This means that he or she will be responsible for the design, specifications, and appointment of contractors. Generally, a Garden Designer will represent their client in discussions and negotiations with other contractors. However, some Garden Designers work for a design-build firm, which means that they will be responsible for all of the planning, installation, and maintenance of the garden. This keeps the entire process ‘in-house’ and speeds up the process.

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There are two main types of Garden Designers. Some specialize in designing for private clients only, while others work in a partnership model. In either case, the Garden Designer will oversee the design work and specifications, appointing contractors if necessary. The designer will also act as a client advocate in dealings with contractors. If a client wants a garden built by a specialist contractor, the Designer will have a preferred contractor list.

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