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Can Wealth Buy Health?

Can wealth buy health? The answer depends on your point of view. In general, a healthy body helps one live longer and earn more money. Good health also enhances an individual’s quality of life and promotes a positive mental attitude. However, a healthy body does not necessarily equal wealth. A healthy body is vital to a prosperous life, and it can be bought, if it’s worth it. Healthy habits should be part of every day life, and not a luxury.

The relative income/wealth hypothesis suggests that higher wealth correlates with lower health, and that a decrease in wealth can reduce anxiety. Although there is no consistent evidence for this hypothesis, some studies have found an inverse correlation between absolute wealth and health. According to the study, having a higher income or wealth correlates with fewer chronic diseases and lower pain levels. The same goes for the rank-based theory, which has much more consistent findings.

When it comes to health, money is important, but good health is more important. A wealthy lifestyle should be complemented by exercise. Exercise, such as running, is essential for good health. And a healthy diet should be part of this lifestyle. Exercise is essential for a healthy body, so it’s essential to be physically active every day. By the same token, health can drive you to achieve better goals. You’ll be motivated to reach those goals and become healthier if you live in a healthy environment.

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