Best Sci-Fi Movies and TV Series

If you’re a sci-fi fan, you’ve probably seen one or two of these television series or movies. But which ones are best and should you watch? Here are a few readwrites suggestions. Let us know in the comments section below! Is there a sci-fi show you can’t live without? Or is there one you should watch in order to understand the world we live in?

HBO has a great sci-fi collection, with a great balance of genres and schlock. Their selection includes alien classics, sentient robots, action crossovers, and horror. Their sci-fi library is mainly older “classics” and newer releases are not quite as well represented. However, HBO Max has a great selection of films that will be sure to delight sci-fi fans.

Another movie that is a must-see is The Abyss, directed by James Cameron. This movie is an excellent example of sci-fi, combining elements of survival horror and sci-fi. It takes the audience on a wild ride through the genre while dropping surprising twists sportstimesdaily along the way. The film follows biologist Jenn as she sets out to investigate a mysterious creature – called a “Shimmer.” As the series continues, Jenn is put face-to-face with a deep-sea monster, and she and her fellow survivors attempt to escape the invasive creatures.

Children of Men follows the character’s history in reverse, maangomenews examining the nature of humans and the concept beyond the core story. It is a near perfect sci-fi movie that respects its audience’s intelligence while creating spectacular set-pieces. It also stars Leonardo DiCaprio as ‘extractor’ Dom Cobb, a man who normally steals sensitive ideas and plants them in the minds of his new target.

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