The Skills of a Photographer

Photography is a creative and technical profession. A good photographer has the ability to capture images with a variety of lenses and can create a portfolio of work online. They may work long hours and must be available all the time. Some photographers use special equipment to capture the best shots, while others use more basic cameras and gear. Many photographers develop and print their own work using digital technology. Some prefer to send their film to a commercial lab for processing.

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The skills of a Photographer vary widely, and they can be classified by their chosen subject matter. Some explore subjects more typical in painting. Others focus on portraiture, still life, landscape, street, or documentary photography. A few photographers specialize in forensic photography, fashion, or aerial photography. These professionals can be self-employed or freelance and work around their schedules. While many photographers work as freelancers, most work for a living.

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A good photographer uses cameras to capture images. A traditional camera uses film, while a digital camera uses a computer chip. A photographer works with a camera’s sensor to take a picture. The camera then passes light through the film and creates a negative. A photographer will then create a print, which is a copy of the original image. One negative can be turned into a series of prints, and a single photograph can be used many times.

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