The Best Way to Discover New Music

If you’re looking to watch new music videos, you’ve probably heard about the ‘r/musicvideos’ section on Reddit. Thousands of music videos are posted to the section, and you can sort them by duration, popularity, or date uploaded. Despite its name, it’s also available on mobile devices, smart TVs, and computers. Music videos aren’t the only type of content available at Vimeo, however. The platform also features live music and interviews with artists.

Another great feature of Spotify is its Discover feature, which allows users to view videos in a vertical format. This feature is another way the streaming service is competing with the likes of TikTok and Facebook. Clicking the icon will play a full-screen video of a song or artist you’re listening to. The videos appear to be excerpts of official music videos. While these videos aren’t necessarily new, Spotify’s Discover feature is worth investigating further.

In addition to the music page, YouTube has revamped its’music’ section to make it more navigable. You can browse videos in any genre, and it will automatically queue up other similar music videos. Just make sure to turn off the autoplay feature so that you don’t accidentally skip an excellent video. By browsing these new music videos on YouTube, you’ll discover new artists and genres that you wouldn’t have heard of otherwise.

Another great way to discover new music is to follow people you know. Friends, family, and even people you meet on a daily basis may introduce you to some new artists. These people may be from a different generation than you, but their friends and family may already know the newest songs and underground bands. They can also introduce you to music you never would have otherwise heard of. You never know when a friend will post an interesting video of a song.

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