Is Lahna Turner Ralphie May’s Next Wife?

There’s some controversy surrounding Ralphie May’s marriage to Lahna Turner. The singer and actress married in 2005 and had two children with her. The marriage lasted ten years and was characterized as a difficult one. After his death, Lahna Turner filed for divorce. She will receive all of her late husband’s assets. A final divorce hearing is scheduled for November. But in the meantime, rumours are flying that Lahna may remarry and become the singer’s next wife.

According to May’s biography, she grew up in Clarksville, Arkansas. She took care of him and his three siblings and grew them in a better situation than most people grow up in. She made sure that they wore clean clothing and shoes. She later became a comic superstar. In 2003, May became a contestant on the first season of “Last Comic Standing” and placed second. However, despite her success, May still has some fans.

Lahna Turner is a multi-talented American actress. She was raised by a Christian family and first became interested in comedy at an early age. Later, she married Ralphie May and started making TV appearances and collaborating with Tommy Davidson. Turner and May divorced in 2008.

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