Filip Nordegren Cameron Is Expecting A Daughter!

As one of the most successful women in the world, Filip Nordegren Cameron is one of the most sought-after female celebrities. But before she found love with Cameron, Nordegren was involved with billionaire Chris Cline. They were together for a few years but finally broke up in 2014. Their relationship was officially over in 2014, but Cline unfortunately died in a helicopter crash in the Bahamas in July. This was a sad day for the couple who share a daughter named Ella, who is now 22.

According to Radar Online, Nordegren and Cameron have been dating for over a year. The two met through mutual friends in Florida, and Nordegren reportedly referred Arthur to the couple’s home. But since they were inseparable, their relationship took an emotional turn after the birth of their child. While Nordegren and Cameron were already dating, the couple decided to change the name. They moved in together in early 2019.

The couple had a baby bump in June, but did not announce the news until October. Cameron and Nordegren welcomed a new baby in late October. Despite already having a son together, Cameron was seen stroking their newborn son with a green pacifier. Cameron handed the pacifier to Nordegren, who was relieved to see her baby in a relaxed state. Interestingly, Nordegren is also expecting a daughter!

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