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wolfren.wolverine: wow, more than i could have ever imagined. that’s like saying you could have never imagined having a phoenix dream, but have it! payed for by virtue of being who you are and what you stand for; meaning you can only achieve success by trying your hardest, staying true to yourself, and focusing on your goals. this is very important because success does not come with a set timeline or plan. it happens for a reason, and if you aren’t careful what you say about it will cost you everything. becoming bankable is no easy feat, but the sooner you give in your intentions the better off you’ll be. all of our friends at wolverine are very successful people and they don’t make these declarations lightly. one of the best ways to become more visible and gain access to high-level talent is to become a public person than just another employee or customer. this may seem like an unnecessary precaution at first, but its value is undeniable! everyone knows that being known as someone else makes someone else want to be there for them, right? what if we said that being visible made others want to pay attention so much that they start doing things as a result? then how would this make us feel? private?! lucky enough we were able to adopt these new beliefs ourselves while playing poker nights with a group of friends last weekend! how amazing is that? we actually found out how amazing it was yesterday when

wolfren.wolverine: private?

There was some confusion and a lot of hype surrounding the casting of the law and order franchise. What we know is that many fans are incredibly excited and look forward to seeing the show returning to TV. But the actual show is set topremiere this fall, and while they were testing the material, they also found time to speak with the main character, Jax Taylor, about his new identity as T.J. Justice. The conversation goes back to the idea of a different persona, alluding again to his Phoenix dream. As we know, Jax’s new identity is somehow connected to the T.J. Justice character whom he idolizes. Now, if only we’d heard the truth about who Jax’s real father is! Wait, no. The lawyers will never tell.

wolfren.wolverine: wow, that’s amazing!

We’ve all heard the rumors about troll flicks like The Social Network and The Social Network 2, but this is the first time we’ve actually seen someone tackle the idea head-on. And no one dares voice the word “no” because everyone knows that isn’t how it is. Even in the film, the main character, Nathan Zuckoff, deals with the “bad” and “good” parts of the word. But his natural reserve is broken when he stoically answers the phone operator’s question about what the word means. It actually makes a great story point, doesn’t it? “How does that even feel good?”

wolfren.wolverine: what does all of this mean for my future and my dream job?

The answers to these questions are already starting to come through, as Jax shares how he’s trying to make time for his family, get closer to his friends, and help out those less fortunate than himself. In other words, he’s trying to make the best of a bad situation.

wolfren.wolverine: you know what it means when you see it

We were all waiting with baited breath for the reveal of the new character, T.J. Justice. But instead of being a part of the cast, we got to meet the real-life version of T.J. Justice, who turned into a famous criminal in this dramatic turn of events. The first question anyone would ask is, “Who is T.J. Justice?” The second is, “Is this why Wolverine is famous?” Which is a very good question because we had no idea.

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